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As we sow good seeds to have a bumper harvest, so must we do good deeds and abstain evil.

This is the message Sau Seng Lum would like to convey. As the Buddhist scripture says, ‘A flower represents the world and a leaf represents the Buddha�? When you walk around Sau Seng Lum today, you will feel that every rock and every statue of Buddha in the temple seem to be preaching to you. They have their own stories to tell because they represent and exist for a reason.
Today, Sau Seng Lum is an embodiment of the wisdom and strength of its followers. It is no longer merely a place to learn and practice the Dharma. Now, it is also a place where dialysis, stroke and diabetes individuals have access to treatment. Let us look back to how Sau Seng Lum was formed and achieved what it has today.

The Consistency of Preaching Dharma

Today, Sau Seng Lum is one hundred and seven years old. It is one of the oldest temples in Malaysia. In as early as 1902, the founder - Abbess Rev.Yuan Xun established the temple at Peel Road in Kuala Lumpur. Rev.Yuan Xun did some farming herself to support the temple while preaching the Dharma to her followers.

Years later, the temple was handed down to the second Abbess, Rev.Chi Jian and was named Jing Xiu An. Rev. Chi Jian continued Rev. Yuan Xun’s effort in preaching Buddhism.

These were the years of turbulent times and many people fled from China to seek refuge in Malaya. Life was hard then but Rev. Chi Jian was determined to do all she could to help the poor and people in need.